Kerala Ayurveda Vaidysala is amongst the leading Supply Chain of Kerala Ayurvedic and daily used products in Mumbai. We are a family-owned and operated business, led by Mr. M.K. Balan Pillai. He has over three decades of experience in the Logistics Sector and well supported by Industry professionals of Leading Ayurvedic Companies from Kerala.

An organization that began in 1981, we are dedicated to deliver to each particular segment of Healthcare comprising of Dispensaries, Doctors, Distributors, Wholesale, Retail Outlets and direct consumers. We have a Low-profit margin and our costs are very competitive.

Today, Kerala Ayurveda Vaidyasala is a distributor for more than 40 companies with outlets to cater to the entire Mumbai City and the Thane district area. We deliver more than 650 products to more than 500 Distributors/Retailers (which includes about 350 South Indian Outlets alone) and also cater to more than 100 Ayurvedic Dispensaries.

Below are some reasons which make Kerala Ayurveda Vaidyasala a preferred provider of Kerala Ayurvedic Products:

#1. Over 35 years of experience in the Distribution of Kerala Ayurvedic Products.
#2. Dedicated and Committed team ready to serve clients.
#3. Quick and Timely Delivery.

Our Mission
#1. To work progressively towards redefining distribution process
#2. Fulfilling ongoing market demand
#3. Timely delivery of Authentic Quality Ayurvedic Products.
#4. Providing additional offers and schemes.

We also deliver over-the-counter products online via our e-commerce store all over India. Here at Kerala Ayurveda Vaidyasala, we have a dedicated center for Ayurveda consultation and Panchakarma treatment.