Purgein Dravakam (pack of 2)

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Benefits of Purgein Dravakam

1. Blood Purifier 

2. Treats Dermatitis (skin becomes red, swollen or sore)

3. Immunity against skin diseases

4. Improves skin glow and complexion 

5. Safe for pediatric treatments


Purgein Dravakam is the flagship product of Everest Ayurveda (since 1981). Purgein Dravakam contains Sariva and Madhusnuhi as the prime ingredients. 


These cooling properties of these ingredients reduce the heat inside your blood and thereby purifying the blood. Purgein Dravakam is also used to treat Dermatitis and helps you to improve your immunity against skin diseases. 


Purgein Dravakam is safe for children’s usage and can also be used to improve the glow and to whiten your skin. 



20-25 ml (half cup) with an equal quantity of warm water twice daily after food.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 15 cm

1 review for Purgein Dravakam (pack of 2)

  1. Amala Keshav

    I have been undergoing Dermatitis treatment from last 8 months, consulted several doctors as a part of that. Then a friend told me to consult an ayurvedic doctor. She recommended me to use purgein dravakam and within 2 weeks i can see the difference.

    A bit costly but very effective.

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